Statement of Integrity as an Alcohol Freedom Coach | Julie Lively

As an alcohol freedom coach, my philosophy emphasizes delving into the deeper underlying thought patterns and emotional triggers that contribute to alcohol use, rather than focusing solely on the act of drinking.

Through my personal experiences and professional training, I provide a safe, supportive environment for clients to explore and understand their relationship with alcohol.

My unwavering commitment to personal growth, reflected in my continuous engagement with educational courses and literature, ensures that I bring the highest level of expertise to my practice. Having been alcohol-free since November 28, 2021, I prioritize a lifestyle centered on health, well-being, and responsible choices.

My approach is inclusive and empathetic, respecting each individual’s unique journey without imposing my own choices. I foster an open-dialogue environment where clients feel safe to explore their challenges without fear of judgment.

Through personalized guidance and encouragement, I empower clients to make informed decisions about their health and well-being, promoting holistic recovery and self-care. My goal is to help clients achieve a balanced and fulfilling life, using my extensive experience to guide them to a place they never want to escape again.