I have a heart for coaching health-conscious, motivated moms who want to embrace the joys and face the complexities of life without unhealthy coping mechanisms like nightly wine and drinking.  

I’ve learned how to manage stress and overwhelm without the desire for wine. 

No nightly wine-down or celebratory buzz can ever replace how freedom from alcohol feels. 

Are you ready to feel that way too? 

Julie Lively, certified Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Sobriety Coach and her daughter Sarah

Thank you alcohol, I’ve got it from here.

Ready to meet the challenges and celebrate the joys in life without desiring alcohol? My science-backed, compassion-based coaching methodology is the key to helping you drink less and create a life you’ll have no desire to numb.

My Alcohol-Freedom Coaching Certifications and Experience

I’m a certified This Naked Mind alcohol freedom coach, Master Gray Area Drinking coach, have taken coursework on Embodied Self Awareness through Jay Fields’ Yours Truly program, and completed the Modern Coparenting course through Scott Pinyard. Your alcohol-free lifestyle goals, combined with the expertise and content from my certifications and trainings will comprise the framework for your custom coaching plan.

Key components typically include how to:

  • Examine and chip away at beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Identify and change thoughts and stories that aren’t serving you.
  • Easily incorporate daily routines and self-care to keep you grounded and centered so you don’t feel the need to take the edge off.
  • Teach you healthy ways to approach stress and overwhelm.
  • Define your social triggers and work through the inevitable societal drinking pressures.
  • Learn foundational nutrition that staves off cravings.
  • Family of origin systems exploration.
  • Learn new templates for love and relating.
  • Recognize where boundaries are needed and using your empowered voice to set them.
  • Incorporate tools such as the Enneagram to support self-knowledge and growth.
  • Craft a life you don’t want to numb.

“Julie is the real deal!”

“Coaching is her “calling.” She knows I believe this as I have told her many times. Julie truly listens and makes you feel as if you are not alone. No stone is left un-turned in terms of finding a true path for healing and growth. I would recommend Julie to anyone!

Especially if you have tried coaching or therapy prior and felt perhaps it wasn’t for you. Julie has been instrumental in helping me do the work needed to feel my best and be my best.

After every session with Julie, I felt more hopeful, lighter, and a little stronger. I learned to give myself grace, which is truly a gift. I left each session with a “you got this” mentality. All in which were instrumental in getting me through some of the darkest moments of my life.”

A.F. – Massachusetts

“I highly recommend Julie.”

“When I first spoke to Julie, I was in a place of despair and hopelessness. I had been trying to stop drinking for 14 months and was still stuck. I felt heard by Julie as she knew exactly where I was coming from. She managed to hone in on the real issues from my ramblings and then give me practical tools to help me get over each hurdle.

I didn’t fully realize how much I was trying to ‘switch off’ from my busy life until Julie helped me discover this. I have learned that I feel incredible when I manage to switch off without alcohol and that once I found the ways that work for me, it made it so much easier. Incredibly, life does not feel as busy when I am not drinking.

I had so much information at my fingertips, I really thought I should be able to get alcohol free without a coach. I see that now, having someone who knows the traps we set for ourselves and, can look objectively at what I am doing and how I am feeling, has made all the difference to my success in this journey. I will be eternally grateful for the coaching Julie has given me, for opening my eyes to what was holding me back and showing me the way forward. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is struggling with addiction and needs assistance getting free.”

K.W. – New Zealand

“Julie is kind and compassionate.”

I have enjoyed working with Julie over many months. She is kind and compassionate and also asks the most thought-provoking questions.

She has encouraged me to dig deep within to help me discover beliefs, truths, and untruths which have surrounded me for many years.

Julie’s gentle and encouraging approach has helped me shift my thinking to where alcohol has become small and insignificant in my life. Julie has coached me through creating and implementing plans for challenging situations.

She has become a trusted confidant, mentor, and friend.”

C.K. – Pennsylvania

“Julie helped me let go of the guilt.”

Working with Julie is like talking to a friend who has helped through an experience very similar to mine. Her encouragement and completely non-judgmental approach has helped me to let go of the guilt and stress I’ve been carrying about my drinking.”

A.K. – Michigan

Your Life is Not Defined by Alcohol

We spend our life advocating for our loved ones.  It’s time to invest in and advocate for You! Book a free introductory call to learn how my approach can help you change your relationship with alcohol and change your life.