Any of this sound familiar? I’ve been there and overcame it all.

  • You take breaks from drinking and feel tons better, only to return to the very thing that makes you feel awful. Social occasions usually trip you up. You wonder what’s wrong with you and why you keep doing this.
  • You dumped the rest of the wine bottle out this morning only to buy another one for tonight. (I did that a lot!)
  • Your daytime green drinks, smoothies, and supplements are undone by nightly wine.
  • You’re tired of waking up feeling foggy and bloated. Your body can’t metabolize alcohol like it used to. Or maybe it was the buzz-induced gluten-free pretzels and Ben & Jerry’s,
  • You’re tired of slogging through your morning workout. You swear it’s the last time, but it’s not.
  • You wrestle with your desire for alcohol. The vision of continuing to drink every night haunts you, but you can’t see a path without it.
  • You’re done putting your life on hold so others can live theirs. The very substance you use to cope with worry and isolation is causing more worry and isolation.
  • You’re facing an emptying nest wondering what’s next for your life. In the meantime, you use alcohol to numb.
  • You see others experiencing life more fully and feel guilty you’re not happy with yours.
  • You’ve been sober curious for a while, and you’re ready to take the next step.

Are you ready to take your power back?

Hi. I’m

Certified Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Sobriety Coach.

I have a heart for coaching health-conscious, motivated moms who want to embrace the joys and face the complexities of life without unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Why? Because I’m a mom of an amazing daughter with Down Syndrome. Raising a child with special needs is a gift, and one of my many “why’s” to become alcohol-free. The unique challenges can be draining, but also filled with delight. Alcohol-free living has given me more time, clarity and ability to be fully present for my daughter and entire family. I’ve learned how to manage stress and overwhelm without the desire for wine.

No nightly wine-down or celebratory buzz can ever replace how freedom from alcohol feels. Are you ready to feel that way too?

Alcohol-Free Lifestyle & Sobriety Coaching

My approach is through education, compassionate inquiry, connecting conversations, and healing grace. You will learn how to feel, heal and deal to become free from where alcohol holds you back. This is so much more than not drinking. It’s all about Living Lively and Free.

Your Alcohol-Free Journey Starts Here

We mom’s face a host of issues raising our kids, especially if they have different abilities. From diagnosis to early intervention, working within the school and IEP system, doctors and specialist appointments, health concerns, fostering friendships, summer and school break plans, dealing with social challenges, transitioning into adulthood, and navigating complex disability services and resources. Let’s not forget our other kids and/or partner and their needs mixed with your additional roles in and out of your home. It’s a complicated recipe that leads to the thought, “Is it 5:00 yet?”

Whether your beloved family member has Down Syndrome, Autism, ADD/ADHD, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, struggles with mental health issues or other challenges, my heart is with you. I’ve got you, you’re at the right place.

My Alcohol-Freedom Coaching Certifications and Experience

I’m a certified This Naked Mind alcohol freedom coach, Master Gray Area Drinking coach, have taken coursework on Embodied Self Awareness through Jay Fields’ Yours Truly program, and completed the Modern Coparenting course through Scott Pinyard. Your alcohol-free lifestyle goals, combined with the expertise and content from my certifications and trainings will comprise the framework for your custom coaching plan.

Your Life is Not Defined by Alcohol

Ready to start? We spend our life advocating for our loved ones.  It’s time to invest in and advocate for You! Book a free introductory call to learn how my approach can help you change your relationship with alcohol and change your life.

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    “Don’t underestimate yourself. You have the power to wake up this morning and change you.”